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Welcome all of you for visiting our homepage

Sanei Shipping was founded on December 24, 1971 as a general agency of Japan for our Korean ship owner, Heung-a Shipping Co., Ltd.
We would like to express our deepest gratitude to all of you for your great support until today.

We are the one having the longest history as a Japanese general agency for regular container lines. Also, we have grown up into a leading agent establishing the largest number of regular lines and transactions in Japan/Korea trade.

A new container ship called “VENUE(106TEU)” with a cell structure, which is the first time in Japan/Korea line, was newly operated in Kobe-Busan regular container lines in 1973, November and it has become the foundation of containerization in Japan/Korea lines

Thereafter, we sequentially enhanced the regular container lines to the major ports in Japan. From the last half of 1980s, we have opened a regular container lines between the local ports of Japan and the port of Busan, Korea, and provide regular container services connecting the ports in every region of Japan and the port of Busan, Korea.

These services are to connect each port in China and South East Asia through the port of Busan, Korea as a hub port with Heung-a Shipping's regular containers services.
As for the ports in distant sea such as Europe and US that are not in the scope of the services of Heung-a Shipping, it is connected to various ports all over the world through a tie-up with the other shipping companies providing the services to these ports.

We would be happy to contribute to your systemized logistics by introducing Heung-a Shipping's regular container services and the hub function at the port of Busan, Korea.
Also, it is our sincere desire to deepen the communications by receiving your comments and requests, etc. and to thrive for our further improvement of our services.

We would appreciate your continuous support for us.

Teruo Yamaike
2016, Feb.10

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